Relive the Magic: Top Moments from Winter City Lights 2023

Christmas Lights Washington DC

The best outdoor Christmas lights show in the Washington, DC, area has wrapped up its second successful season! Thousands of guests, gallons of hot chocolate, and countless snow tube rides culminated in happy holidays. Indeed, the production team is already thinking about next year! But in the afterglow of the season’s bliss, they like to hear from their attraction’s visitors about the season’s magic: the laughs, the treats, and the decorations that stole hearts.

An all-ages winter wonderland with over 1 million twinkling lights, Winter City Lights has become a DMV region staple. This attraction (organized by the award-winning team behind Field of Screams Maryland) comprises bonfires, concessions, ax-throwing, a magical hike through an enchanted forest, and much more. To learn more about their programming and ticketing availability, call (888) 720-1112 today!

Below, we highlight some online reviews of Winter City Lights 2023:

“An almost Disney-esque experience”

The quoted reviews were pulled from Winter City Lights’ Tripadvisor and lightly edited for clarity.

For their second season, Winter City Lights staff expanded the attractions from the previous year and swapped some decorations around. Guests were thrilled by the changes—user Robert P wrote, “What an amazing holiday experience! Winter City Lights offers a great visual display for anyone wanting to cement their Christmas spirit.” The LED Christmas lights and magical decorations were a hit!

User aratner5 sang similar praises: “Exceeded expectations. An almost Disney-esque experience with the lighting, music, and pipes blowing out snow flurries on a mid-40 degree night.” They noted, “Be prepared for a 1.5-mile walk on a firm but mulched trail through the woods, but you’ll feel more in touch with nature and winter than you do at a drive-thru light show.” Plus (what they describe as “the most important thing”), “the kids enjoyed it.”

“This is a beautiful winter wonderland with a little something for everyone!” user Sljiltt added.  “Make sure you and your camera are ready for lots of photos because everything is picturesque. I recommend this activity as a family or a date night.” Similarly, user Anne T said, “Loved walking through the woods and seeing the lights. The kids were so excited and just ran along the path. Enjoyed having a beverage to sip and sit by the fire.”

“Can’t wait to go next year!”

“I absolutely adore this event!!” wrote user Ivy L. “The snow tubing is a MUST, and I love their setup for bonfires!! The light trail is one of my favorite holiday destinations. I also tried ax-throwing for the first time here!” User Gail R agreed, “The snow tubing is definitely worth paying for!! I could have done that all night. The walk through the lights was also tons of fun and breathtaking.” Plus, “The variety of concessions was fantastic, and all the staff were kind. Can’t wait to go next year!”

Christmas Lights Washington DC

User Jenny C summarized the attraction best when she wrote, “This was just a delightful experience from top to bottom. The enormous Christmas tree and fire pits were so much fun for my kids, with the lights coordinated with the music, the hot chocolate, a surprisingly delicious dinner, and a blazing fire well tended by staff.” Winter City Lights is truly an all-ages joy, as she noted, “My husband and I enjoyed it, and my children were ecstatic. What a wonderful way to start the holiday season!”

Family-Friendly Christmas Lights Show Outside Washington, DC!

With the 2023 season concluded, Winter City Lights’ production team is looking forward to the 2024 one! Their 1 million twinkling Christmas lights will return to surprise and delight Washington, DC, residents of all ages. Don’t forget that same team will put on Field of Screams Maryland in the fall to terrify those brave enough to face it! To learn more about attraction ticketing and FAQs, visit their website or call (888) 720-1112.