How to Protect and Store Christmas Lights

February 6, 2024

Wonder and joy overflow when we walk through Christmas lights. Yet taking them out of storage and untangling them does not evoke the same feelings. Improperly stored Christmas lights often become giant, messy knots, which affects their wiring and necessitates replacement to correct. Save yourself a headache and a trip to the store by learning…

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Relive the Magic: Top Moments from Winter City Lights 2023

January 10, 2024

The best outdoor Christmas lights show in the Washington, DC, area has wrapped up its second successful season! Thousands of guests, gallons of hot chocolate, and countless snow tube rides culminated in happy holidays. Indeed, the production team is already thinking about next year! But in the afterglow of the season’s bliss, they like to…

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Where to Get Home Holiday Lights Inspiration

December 6, 2023

Adorning your house with hundreds of sparkling lights is among the timeless traditions of the holiday season—and for good reason. It brings festive cheer to folks strolling by and keeps spirits bright. Whether you’re the kind of family who makes their home a blinding pillar of light or prefers a subtler display, there is no…

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Winter City Lights Visitors’ Most Frequent Questions

November 8, 2023

A crisp winter’s night filled with twinkling lights and laughter. Crackling bonfires and sweet treats. A 52-foot-tall Christmas tree with enchanting patterns of glowing lights. All these attractions and more will be at Winter City Lights, one of the DMV’s premier Christmas holiday light events! You and your loved ones can prepare for these wondrous…

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Why You Should Take Your Date to a Christmas Lights Show

October 9, 2023

Love is in the air during the holidays, and there is no better date night location than an outdoor Christmas light display. Peaceful trails lit by enchanting displays and decorations provide stunning backgrounds for commemorative photos, opportune moments to engage in deep conversation, and a perfect romantic ambiance. Embrace the magic of the holiday season…

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How to Plan for a Holiday Light Show Visit

September 14, 2023

With travel plans, gift planning, and family visits, the holidays conjure a seemingly endless to-do list. Everyone gets caught up in the holiday mess and forgets to mark the season’s magic and joy. Yet taking a breath and making time—even just a day!—to celebrate can revive your family’s holiday spirit. Among the numerous ways to…

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5 Family Activities to Do in the Snow

August 17, 2023

Few experiences can match the sheer delight of a perfect snow day. It can transform a typical weekday into a captivating winter wonderland with endless possibilities. But selecting the ideal way to spend that day presents a delightful challenge. Fortunately, a handful of timeless snow day activities are guaranteed to captivate the entire family. From…

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Activities That Will Make This Christmas Special

July 19, 2023

The holiday season’s magic and joy only come once a year, so we must seize the moment to create lasting memories each time. While old traditions can undoubtedly set the festive mood, why not venture into new experiences this Christmas? Reconnect with family members you don’t see often, try out a fresh and exciting recipe,…

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Where to Celebrate Christmas in the DMV Area

June 14, 2023

When the holiday season once again approaches, families across the country start planning festive activities. After all, Christmas allows everyone to come together and celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones. One of the best ways to enjoy Christmas in the DMV area is by partaking in the enchanting events around our nation’s capital. From…

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How to Revive Your Holiday Spirit

May 15, 2023

For children across the country, Christmas is the happiest and brightest time of the year. Gifts are one reason for this, but so are the festive air, time off from school, and jubilant activities that occur throughout the month. While adulthood and its stressors may test these joys, even the busiest individuals can revive their…

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